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Video Analysis

FC Twenty11 are fortunate to be able to offer our Youth Premier League players, and coaches, with video analysis of their training sessions and home-and-away games form a high vantage point, so you can clearly see the action.

Veo Camera

One of the main features of filming football matches with Veo is that the two cameras in the green box records the full pitch throughout the 90 minutes from a tactical view. As Veo records the full pitch you’ll never miss a moment. And you don’t rely on a skilled cameraman who can stay concentrated and trace the ball for a whole match without ever losing sight of the ball.

In Veo’s interface you can zoom and pan the whole pitch for the full match however you want. Or you can watch the recording with ‘FollowCam’ which follows the ball around the pitch using digital zoom.  This allows both the player, and the coach, an opportunity to re-assess and understand their positioning in relation to the opposition or call carrier.

This product is new to the market and is picking up a number of reputable clubs. As a player, you can log into the website to view the training or game. Download your games to keep, as well as make clips of your best moments, to review or others to review. Such as local or overseas scouts.


For more information, please contact Admin@fctwenty11.co.nz.