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Football in Schools

Football in Schools

FC Twenty 11 Football in Schools Programme is designed to work with kids of all ages, developing basic balls skills and a love of the game.

We provide the programme to local schools because we believe

  • Be in the community and give back – We believe that we can help only if we get involved. We love our football club, but the children who play are from the local schools. We want our Children to have good sporting experiences.
  • Inspire children to play Sports – Our role is to make sure every child in our area has tried football but also other sports. There is talented kids everywhere, but our intention is to spot their talent and guide them where they can fulfill their potential in the best possible way.
  • Deliver high quality sport experience – Kids at school deserve to receive great sporting experiences. Only this way they can fall in love with sport and progress to the one they want to learn more.


Our range of school programmes include:

Lunch break visit – Targeted visit for double banded school years. For example: Monday – Years 1/2, Tuesday -Years 3/4, etc. Kids know in advance we are coming, and the keen ones enjoy an active lunch break. This has been very popular voluntary participant programme for the last 11 years.

Football literacy programme –  Four-week programme. We come every week on the same day and deliver 45-minute session with each class from Year 1 to Year 6. We focus on four different key skills which are part of the NZF curriculum, in a fun and engaging way with the children.

Multisport programme –  Four-week programme developed by FC Twenty 11 coaching staff. The focus is on hand-eye coordination, where kids learn the basic technique of rolling, throwing, catching, bouncing, and working in a team through variety of relay games. This programme is very popular in Europe and caters for all school children and helps develop skills applicable in variety of sports.

Athletic programme – Four-week programme. We focus on a lot of running games and activities. At the end of each lesson, we finish with a different running test and time our participants with a laser technology timing gates. The great thing is that we can create a file for each student which allows us to print their results to them to take home

Here’s the information for Ilam School, currently participating in the Term 4 After School Football Programme.  Please note:  This programme is only available for current Ilam Primary enrolled students and is conducted on Wednesday afternoon at the time stated.


If you would like our qualified and experienced coaches to visit your school, then please don’t hesitate to contact Tsetso on DOF@FCTwenty11.co.nz.

If you would like to register your child, please follow this link (https://fctwenty11.co.nz/registrations/ complete your details, then that of your child.  As soon as you enter your childs date of birth the selection of items will become available.