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Do you have what it takes?

FC Twenty11 welcomes all parents and guardians wanting to learn more about coaching.  This FC Twenty11 programme is specifically for all First Kicks, Fun Football and Junior parents and guardians.  To help coaches get the best out of themselves and their players, New Zealand Football’s Coach Education framework offers a range of high-quality flexible options ranging from junior and youth football right through to courses for coaches working in the senior competitive arena.

The New Zealand Football and Mainland Football approach is founded on the following principles:

– Appropriate for New Zealand – reflective of New Zealand’s unique culture and football environment
– Flexible – providing coaches with more choice and a higher degree of ownership in selecting and following their own development pathway
– Player Centred – based on the needs of the players and designed to meet the age-related development needs of players throughout the game
– Applicable and practical – ‘on-the job learning’ experiences (creating and recognising learning experiences in the coaching environment)
– Life-long learning – promoting continued personal development and self-responsibility for learning

Click here to register.  Not sure it’s for you?  Contact Ollie Hawkins via Ollie@FCTwenty11.co.nz or tap him on the shoulder the next time you see him.